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Date:2005-05-02 20:21
Subject:Liam Padriac Aiken
Mood: guilty, but luving liam

i have a problem
i'm have an obsessive complusive disorder and i realized it when i saw goodboy.
i've seen goodboy 2 times and ASOUE, which own, 5.
i think hes hot. i actually tried to stalking him in the new jeresey yellow pages
i begged my parents to move the measly miles between us
and i kno basicly everything about him....
help me.
i have obsesstionist with me but it's not helping i have EVERY ASOUE or LIAM AIKEN
icon on livejournal that isn't protected by guard dogs or anything.
everyday i go and find MORE.
*shakes head*

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Date:2005-03-17 01:01
Mood: calm

Hi, my name is Sarah and I have a problem. I've seen ASOUE only once, but in 40 days I'm going to buy it and watch it repeatedly. I've seen Stepmom about three times and Good Boy! only once, but those last two I own. I became obsessed on January 6 when I saw ASOUE. I'm reading the books and I just finished The Ersatz Elevator yesterday. I have a ton of pictures of him in my locker. I also have bookmarks in all my textbooks and notebooks which are actually just ASOUE and Liam pictures. The ASOUE picture with Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and Aunt Josephine in the boat is my background on my home computer. I started writing ASOUE fan fiction, but haven't posted it yet. My pen name is ... Violet Aiken, and there is some Liam-ness in my bio. My xanga has a bazillion Liam pictures on it, so feel free to check it out. Anyone with similar problems, feel free to friend me. haha. Bye.


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Date:2005-02-21 22:50
Subject:hello =D
Mood: cold

Hi. I'm Jenn.
I have seen A Series of Unfortunate Events [a pathetic] three times.
I have been obsessed since seeing ASOUE, around two months.
I took a picture of my computer screen for my phone wallpaper so I never have to be without a picture of him =D.
I have quite possibly seen every available Liam picture at least once.
I go online at school and look at them over and over as well.
I went to see ASOUE on Liam's birthday [that being the second time].
I am counting down the days until ASOUE comes out on DVD. [64 days]
I have watched 42.5 seconds of Liam more times than I could keep track of.
My friends are incredibly sick of Liam, though I am not.
I make bracelets relating to Liam/Klaus/ASOUE. [1 Klaus, 1 ASOUE, and probably 7 or more Liam]
I also think Liam and Emily Browning [Violet in ASOUE] would make such a great couple, though I get jealous when I think of it =D.

I think I qualify to be addicted. I could go on for days. I LOVE LIAM<3. Can't wait to meet everyone!


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Date:2005-01-29 01:01

Hi, I am Kristina. I have seen Good Boy! 6 times, Lemony Snicket 5 times, and Stepmom 17 times. I have the hugest problem in the world. I was crying on January 7th because it was Liam Aiken's birthday and my dad wouldn't let me have a prty. But i bought a brownie at a bake sale, put a candle on it, lit it, and sang happy birthday to Liam, and blew out the candle for him, wishing for "success in the future". I spent the day watching Stepmom and Good Boy!. I find myself mildly psychotic in this way. Feel free to befriend me.

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