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hello =D

Hi. I'm Jenn.
I have seen A Series of Unfortunate Events [a pathetic] three times.
I have been obsessed since seeing ASOUE, around two months.
I took a picture of my computer screen for my phone wallpaper so I never have to be without a picture of him =D.
I have quite possibly seen every available Liam picture at least once.
I go online at school and look at them over and over as well.
I went to see ASOUE on Liam's birthday [that being the second time].
I am counting down the days until ASOUE comes out on DVD. [64 days]
I have watched 42.5 seconds of Liam more times than I could keep track of.
My friends are incredibly sick of Liam, though I am not.
I make bracelets relating to Liam/Klaus/ASOUE. [1 Klaus, 1 ASOUE, and probably 7 or more Liam]
I also think Liam and Emily Browning [Violet in ASOUE] would make such a great couple, though I get jealous when I think of it =D.

I think I qualify to be addicted. I could go on for days. I LOVE LIAM<3. Can't wait to meet everyone!

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welcome :)