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Liam Anonymous

You are loved here.

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Do you find yourself mildly, moderately, or severely addicted to the one who is called Liam Padraic Aiken?
Do your friends tell you you need help?
Do your friends shun you when you ask them to see ASOUE with you a fifth, sixth, or eleventh time?
Has your family confiscated Good Boy, the Road to Perdition, I Dreamed of Africa, and Stepmom from you?
Looking for a way out of this downward spiral of love?
Look no further.
Welcome to Liam Anonymous.

Please introduce yourself when you join.
"Hi, I'm ____ and I have a problem."
"Hi, I'm ____ and I have seen (insert movie here) ________ times."
Give us an idea of who you are, how you got addicted, how long your addiction has lasted, and what you need to do to satisfy it every day.

You are loved here.